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Quando Ellen White visitou a Dinamarca - When Ellen White Visited Deanmark

Aqui eu relato do meu último dia na Dinamarca. A Dinamarca é um país muito rico e bonito. Mas embora seja uma sociedade cristã, não muitos crêem verdadeiramente em Cristo. Muitos vivem como a igreja de Laodicéia pensando: Eu sou rico e tenho prosperado e de nada sinto falta, não percebendo que é miserável, pobre, cego e nú. Apocalipse 3:17. Espero que os textos aqui compartilhados possam ser úteis, especialmente para futuros missionários na Dinamarca e escandinávia.

The Round Tower
It was my last week in Denmark. My time at Vejlefjord was done and I was with my beloved friend Kasper at his house. We woke up early to go with his dad, dear Peps, to his work to spend our last day together in Copenhagen. We visited the church of our Saviour, the Tug neighbourhood of Christiania, and when we were on our way back Kasper told me: “You know what, there is a tower here where Ellen White herself climbed when she was here in Denmark.” So we decided to go there. Kasper opened the Ellen White writings APP and started to read while we were climbing the tower. 

And It was so cool because as we were there we could see at first hand how she described the place so well and how she brought spiritual lessons from that touristic visit.

At the top of the tower we could see the whole city. There are no high buildings but this one. We finish reading the text and we prayed together for the city and for Kasper´s mission, once Kasper is going to work as a Bible worker at that city.

Here it is what she said while there:

While in Copenhagen we visited several beautiful parks, and one day ascended the “round tower,” a very large and high tower connected with an old church.

The ascent to this tower is not by stairs, but by an inclined plane, winding round and round, nine stories high. From this point a few stairs take us to the roof, which commands an extensive view of the city and the surrounding towns and islands.
Here it is the "inclined plane"
The ascent to the tower is so gradual, and the passage so wide, that several horses could be driven abreast. We were told that Peter the Great and Frederick IV. rode to the top of this tower, and while looking down from the dizzy height the former said to his companion, “Which of us has soldiers who would prove their loyalty by throwing themselves down from here if their king required it?” Frederick replied that he could not claim to have any soldier that would do this, but he could say that he was not afraid to sleep in the house of the poorest subject in his kingdom. – {RH October 26, 1886 Par. 10}

The church connected to the tower

As I looked down upon the great city, I could but think of the scenes that will be witnessed here when Christ shall come. This city is given up to pleasure and worldliness. Beer-drinking and card-playing, dancing and reveling, absorb the attention of the people. The multitudes will mock at the message of warning. Like the dwellers in Sodom, they will be awakened only when it is too late. As the sun arose for the last time upon the cities of the plain, the people thought to commence another day of godless riot. All were eagerly planning their business or their pleasure, and the messenger of God was derided for his fears and his warnings. Suddenly as the thunder peal from an unclouded sky, fell balls of fire on the doomed capital. “So shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” The people will be eating and drinking, planting and building, marrying and giving in marriage, until the wrath of God shall be poured out without mixture of mercy. The world will be rocked to sleep in the cradle of carnal security. They have been taught by their ministers to believe that the second advent of Christ is to be spiritual or to take place in the distant future, and the warning of his soon coming is denounced as fanaticism or heresy. Skepticism and “science falsely so called” have undermined faith in the Bible. The multitudes are striving to forget God, and they eagerly accept fables, that they may pursue the path of self-indulgence undisturbed. The people are hurrying to and fro, the lovers of pleasure intent upon amusement, the money-makers seeking wealth, and all are saying, Where is the promise of his coming? Then it is that the voice of the archangel and the trump of God are heard. Oh, what terror will then overwhelm the wicked! What cries of anguish will be heard from those who have derided the overtures of mercy from God’s messengers! The bolts and bars by which they sought to guard their treasures are rent asunder by the mighty earthquake. The grand and magnificent buildings are shaken down, and the guilty triflers are buried in the ruins. – {RH October 26, 1886 Par. 11}
Here is the view to the city from the top of the tower

Later on the very same day we were revising our day and we read all the other quotes about her visits to skandinavia. And it was so funny cause it seemed that she had been here just a few days ago.

 The Scandinavian children seem remarkably quiet and well trained. Wherever we went, they came forward, one by one, and shook hands with us, the girls making a courtesy, and the boys a low bow
We laugh when we read "remarkably quiet", because indeed every preacher that comes to Denmark notices that they do not interact that much at the preaching.

Many indications had come to her from the Lord that Denmark, Norway, and Sweden “were promising fields for labor.” “A great work,” she wrote, “lay before the missionaries in this field” EGWE 92.2
Not far away she discovered the Kommune Hospital. She was surprised to learn the sick were “provided with everything—room, food, bedding—for thirty cents per day.” And then she commented, “This is one of Copenhagen’s blessings, especially for the poorer class, who must suffer with want of proper care and conveniences if it were not for this merciful provision.”—Manuscript 25, 1885.

This is still true. The Danish health public system is still free and with and excellent quality.

On Friday night, October 9, she spoke for the first time to the infant church in Copenhagen. Believers from nearby companies had come in, swelling the “crowd” to about 35. – {EGWE 95.2}
The meeting hall was close to Matteson’s apartment. “We ... turn the corner of the block, then pass under an arch into a court and begin to ascend until we mount four pairs of stairs into the hall.”—Ibid. It was a small, cold, and damp place for a meeting, and Ellen White shivered while her tortured teeth rattled, but she did not hold back her message. She addressed her eager audience, composed of “intelligent, noble looking men and women—Danes.” She spoke on the parable of the fig tree. – {EGWE 95.3}

“We are grateful that a few in Copenhagen have accepted the truth of God. Missionaries are needed to spread the light of truth in these great cities, and the children of God—those whom He calls the light of the world—ought to be doing all they can in this direction. You will meet with discouragements, you will have opposition. The enemy will whisper, – {EGWE 95.4}
What can these few poor people do in this great city? But if you walk in the light, you can every one be light-bearers, to the world.”—Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists, 181. – {EGWE 96.1} 
Copenhagen seems like Athens in Paul’s day. The pursuit of wealth and pleasure engrosses the attention of the people. Atheism is popular. Eating and drinking, dancing and merry-making, are the subjects of thought and conversation. There are many large and beautiful churches; but the people, like some of the Athenians, are worshiping an unknown God. There is no lack of doctors of divinity, of learned preachers, but they are ignorant of Bible religion. – {HS 185.1} It seems a difficult matter to awaken an interest in religious things in these large cities; and yet there are many honest souls in them who will yet accept the light and reflect its rays to others. Copenhagen is sending missionaries to convert the heathen in far-off lands, when there are multitudes of her people who are as truly ignorant of God and his word. Men with the spirit of Paul are needed to preach Christ and him crucified. – {HS 185.3} There is probably no city of its size which has so many beautiful parks, artificial lakes, and pleasant avenues. At a little distance from our stopping-place is an artificial lake which is two miles in length. The water is clear as crystal, and upon its glassy surface many beautiful white swans were floating gracefully. It is crossed by pretty foot bridges, while a broad street runs all around it, and rows of chestnut-trees beautify its borders. In Copenhagen the children have not been forgotten. In different parts of the city there are small inclosures of three or four acres with groves of shade-trees, which are kept solely for play-grounds. No vehicles are allowed to pass through them, and the children can here enjoy their sports in safety. – {HS 185.5}

The dark blot on this beautiful scenery is the beer gardens. We are told that the people of these countries (Scandinavia) will be pleased with our discourses if we dwell on the love of Jesus. Of this they never tire, but we are in danger of losing our congregations if we dwell on the sterner questions of duty and the law of God. There is a spurious experience prevailing everywhere. Many are continually saying, “All that we have to do is to believe in Christ.” They claim that faith is all we need. In its fullest sense, this is true; but they do not take it in the fullest sense. 
 Yet the inhabitants of Sweden are generally more willing to listen to new doctrines than are those of Norway or Denmark. – {HS 193.4}

Well, I don’t know about the Swedes, But In my personal experience, I found the Norwegians more open to Jesus than the danes.

I hope this quotes might be usefull, specially for those who are or will be missionaries in Denmark or Skandinavia. Pray for Denmark. Though they have everything, without Christ they have nothing. Many of them are like the Laodicea church, thinking: "I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked." Revelation 3:17

Kasper and I