domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

What I wanna tell you about Summer Camps - YMCA and SDA camps.

Tradução para o português ao fim.

[My dear friend Kyle has a great experience with summer camps, both in the YMCA camps and at the SDA camps. He brought all his expertise to serve as a volunteer here in VejlefjordSkolen. I asked him to share his experience with summer camps with us . Alex Galindo]

By Kyle Lambert

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  Summer camp. It’s been my life for the past six summers. It’s hard to imagine spending my vacation anywhere else than surrounding by screaming gobs of sunscreen and water. In that time, I’ve worked at five different camps. Some for years, others for scarce more than a week. My first three summers were spent at a YMCA day camp, also known as “The Y”. The kids came in the morning, we did a wide variety of activities and trips during the day, and then they went home that night. We worked with kids from many different backgrounds; some rich, others poor; some bitter, others sweet.

segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

How to Kill Adventist Education by Shane Anderson - Como Matar a Educação Adventista

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Tradução para o português ao fim.

[This is a book written by an American Pastor, and talks about the Adventist Education System, focusing mostly at the North American Division (NAD). I was a bit skeptical when I realized that He was not exactly an educator. But after reading this book I really appreciated his thoughts and I believe that the reality of the NAD is similar to many places in the world. I asked for a beloved friend of mine to write her personal opinions about it. We had a very good conversation about it. So here it follows her review. Thank you so much! A.G.]

How to Kill Adventist Education by Shane Anderson
A further review