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Tyrifjord videregående Skole - The Norwegian Adventist School - O colégio Adventista da Noruega

School view at the sunset

Tradução para português ao fim da página. Translation to portuguese at the end.
How I got there!

Paty and Chris
When I was in UK one of my theology teachers, Adolfo Suarez, made an Live video on facebook and while we were interacting through the comments, I noticed that there were a guy volunteering in Norway. Months later I went with my school to the Nordic Volleyball tournament in Sweden. There someone told me: there is a Brazilian here. And what a good surprise: it was the wife of the guy I met previously. What a nice couple! We had a very good time there and we shared our experiences at our missions. They are both working at the Norwegian school, She at the marketing, him as the sports coach and boy's dean.
So, as I want to know the Adventist schools, I was looking forward to visit them. So when Vejlfjord went to the ski trip in Norway I took this opportunity to visit them. I went skiing for 3 days and the rest of the week I enjoyed visiting here in Tyrifjord.

sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2017

For your world trip - Para a sua viagem ao redor do mundo.

Tradução para o português ao fim. - translation to portuguese at the bottom.

When I was in UK visiting my friend Marcelo in Stanborough secondary school, I met Aila, the girls' dean. We went with an ADRA group to London to help homeless people. On our way she was telling me about her time in Saniku, the adventist boarding school there in Japan. As Stanborough always receives japanese students, they made an exchange program with them. It was really interesting to hear about it. Her fiance worked as a dean assistant in the same school that I work today in Denmark and now He works at Stanborough as well. I asked them about the other boarding schools that they know and I had an Insight. Yeah, that's what I love! I want to visit every adventist academy in the world. Well, at least, as many as I can. 

Nós, o barco, o milagre e o Amazonas

Baseado em Marcos 4:35 a 5:20 - Talvez para nós o improvável se torne impossível quando tentamos imaginar Jesus nos conduzindo ao outro lado do mar de nossas mais altas conclusões culturais e predisposições sociais. A proposta é sempre inovadora e inesperada, Ele nos chama para o inimaginável conforme nossa fé se dispõe a ir com o mesmo Jesus até o inalcançável. A Missão Amazonas é um projeto contínuo que acontece em comunidades ribeirinhas do estado com organização do Salva-Vidas Amazônia (uma entidade vinculada à ADRA).