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Quando Ellen White visitou a Dinamarca - When Ellen White Visited Deanmark

Aqui eu relato do meu último dia na Dinamarca. A Dinamarca é um país muito rico e bonito. Mas embora seja uma sociedade cristã, não muitos crêem verdadeiramente em Cristo. Muitos vivem como a igreja de Laodicéia pensando: Eu sou rico e tenho prosperado e de nada sinto falta, não percebendo que é miserável, pobre, cego e nú. Apocalipse 3:17. Espero que os textos aqui compartilhados possam ser úteis, especialmente para futuros missionários na Dinamarca e escandinávia.

The Round Tower
It was my last week in Denmark. My time at Vejlefjord was done and I was with my beloved friend Kasper at his house. We woke up early to go with his dad, dear Peps, to his work to spend our last day together in Copenhagen. We visited the church of our Saviour, the Tug neighbourhood of Christiania, and when we were on our way back Kasper told me: “You know what, there is a tower here where Ellen White herself climbed when she was here in Denmark.” So we decided to go there. Kasper opened the Ellen White writings APP and started to read while we were climbing the tower. 

And It was so cool because as we were there we could see at first hand how she described the place so well and how she brought spiritual lessons from that touristic visit.

At the top of the tower we could see the whole city. There are no high buildings but this one. We finish reading the text and we prayed together for the city and for Kasper´s mission, once Kasper is going to work as a Bible worker at that city.

domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

What I wanna tell you about Summer Camps - YMCA and SDA camps.

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[My dear friend Kyle has a great experience with summer camps, both in the YMCA camps and at the SDA camps. He brought all his expertise to serve as a volunteer here in VejlefjordSkolen. I asked him to share his experience with summer camps with us . Alex Galindo]

By Kyle Lambert

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  Summer camp. It’s been my life for the past six summers. It’s hard to imagine spending my vacation anywhere else than surrounding by screaming gobs of sunscreen and water. In that time, I’ve worked at five different camps. Some for years, others for scarce more than a week. My first three summers were spent at a YMCA day camp, also known as “The Y”. The kids came in the morning, we did a wide variety of activities and trips during the day, and then they went home that night. We worked with kids from many different backgrounds; some rich, others poor; some bitter, others sweet.

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How to Kill Adventist Education by Shane Anderson - Como Matar a Educação Adventista

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[This is a book written by an American Pastor, and talks about the Adventist Education System, focusing mostly at the North American Division (NAD). I was a bit skeptical when I realized that He was not exactly an educator. But after reading this book I really appreciated his thoughts and I believe that the reality of the NAD is similar to many places in the world. I asked for a beloved friend of mine to write her personal opinions about it. We had a very good conversation about it. So here it follows her review. Thank you so much! A.G.]

How to Kill Adventist Education by Shane Anderson
A further review

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My last 60 days - Meus últimos 60 dias


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Hello my friends. There is a long time since I have writing here. But last week I was in Germany and a guy that I have just met cae, are you the one who writes to the blog Teololife. I said: yes, indeed. Than he Thanked me and said: "Man, reading it opened my eyes and made me decide to come here to Germany." 

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Tyrifjord videregående Skole - The Norwegian Adventist School - O colégio Adventista da Noruega

School view at the sunset

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How I got there!

Paty and Chris
When I was in UK one of my theology teachers, Adolfo Suarez, made an Live video on facebook and while we were interacting through the comments, I noticed that there were a guy volunteering in Norway. Months later I went with my school to the Nordic Volleyball tournament in Sweden. There someone told me: there is a Brazilian here. And what a good surprise: it was the wife of the guy I met previously. What a nice couple! We had a very good time there and we shared our experiences at our missions. They are both working at the Norwegian school, She at the marketing, him as the sports coach and boy's dean.
So, as I want to know the Adventist schools, I was looking forward to visit them. So when Vejlfjord went to the ski trip in Norway I took this opportunity to visit them. I went skiing for 3 days and the rest of the week I enjoyed visiting here in Tyrifjord.

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For your world trip - Para a sua viagem ao redor do mundo.

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When I was in UK visiting my friend Marcelo in Stanborough secondary school, I met Aila, the girls' dean. We went with an ADRA group to London to help homeless people. On our way she was telling me about her time in Saniku, the adventist boarding school there in Japan. As Stanborough always receives japanese students, they made an exchange program with them. It was really interesting to hear about it. Her fiance worked as a dean assistant in the same school that I work today in Denmark and now He works at Stanborough as well. I asked them about the other boarding schools that they know and I had an Insight. Yeah, that's what I love! I want to visit every adventist academy in the world. Well, at least, as many as I can. 

Nós, o barco, o milagre e o Amazonas

Baseado em Marcos 4:35 a 5:20 - Talvez para nós o improvável se torne impossível quando tentamos imaginar Jesus nos conduzindo ao outro lado do mar de nossas mais altas conclusões culturais e predisposições sociais. A proposta é sempre inovadora e inesperada, Ele nos chama para o inimaginável conforme nossa fé se dispõe a ir com o mesmo Jesus até o inalcançável. A Missão Amazonas é um projeto contínuo que acontece em comunidades ribeirinhas do estado com organização do Salva-Vidas Amazônia (uma entidade vinculada à ADRA).